Stack has created a responsive platform that offers occupancy sensing in addition to the comfort and safety of automated circadian lighting. For community staff and in-home care providers, Stack’s Care platform provides notifications and high-resolution resident activity monitoring and analytics. The system provides data to allow your trained clinicians and caregivers to respond with your defined standard of care.



Stack Care combines sensor data with machine learning to provide commitment to fall response. Put simply, we’ll always notify you if indicators for a potential fall have been detected.

Our data science algorithms identify changes in behavior patterns such as sleep/wake patterns or increased bathroom usage which may be an indicator of developing issues.

Every notification event is logged noting room, time, responder and outcome, easing record-keeping and providing base information for relaying to family members.


24/7 Monitoring

Stack Care never sleeps and if for any reason staff don’t respond to a notification, we’ll keep reminding you and even escalate to texts and automated phone calls.

Reporting notifications are sent to tablets and phones via a simple app. So even away from the office you’ll immediately know if there’s an issue once something occurs.


Minimal Invasion of Privacy

We don’t use cameras or even identify individual residents by name. Using machine learning to understand the patterns of movement and behavior in each room means we only send notifications when something appears to be wrong.

Residents and family have the security of knowing care staff will be informed if there’s a problem, but still with the dignity of a private and independent life in their own apartment.


Holistic Wellbeing

Stack Care system mimics the sun to keep seniors feeling their best. Studies show that circadian lighting can even help the more than half of seniors who suffer from chronic sleep disturbances.

Automated nightlight management means that lights come on at just the right minimum level as soon as residents head into the bathroom; no bright blinding lights and automatic timeout when residents are back in bed.

Better nighttime sleep can reduce daytime tiredness which in turn can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

More energy during the day means greater participation in events and improved quality of life.


Nothing to wear

Passive sensing means that residents don’t feel watched or monitored. There’s no need to wear tracking devices with Stack Care.

No reminders are needed to wear or to recharge a bracelet, as well as no worries about getting up at night without it.

To be ultra-safe Stack has some active call buttons for when residents just aren’t feeling well and want to let someone know.