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Passive Sensing

Using only infra-red or radar to track movement, Stack Care’s passive sensing means that there’s absolutely no need to wear or be tagged with any other device. Stack’s sensors are discrete and permanently installed to recognize movement patterns within any number of rooms.

For individual residents we use machine learning to recognize patterns and behaviors, then data science to analyze and highlight risk when there are changes to normal patterns.

Low power consumption and long-life batteries mean Stack Care sensors are almost maintenance free but our system will send you an email whenever we spot a sensor battery that has fallen to 30% power, giving you plenty of time to install new ones.



Stack Care will send you notifications for a number of different risk events, and we’re adding more all the time; here’s some of the most important…



Stack will send a notification if a resident doesn’t get up until much later than expected, based on their own individual behaviors.


“Out and About”

See at a glance which residents haven’t left their apartments this morning.


“Bathroom Overstay”

Stack will send a notification if a resident occupies the bathroom for longer than their normal pattern or if there are changes in frequency of visits.


“Suspected Fall”

Stack Care combines sensor data with machine learning to provide commitment to fall response. Put simply, we’ll always notify you if indicators for a potential fall have been detected.




Wander Management

Stack Care includes a small door sensor and uses a combination of data science and logic to recognize when an apartment is occupied; our ‘wander management’ function can equally alert you when an apartment is not occupied but should be.

With customizable parameters, for example 11.00pm-5.00am, Stack Care will advise night staff if a resident leaves their room.




Circadian Lighting

Stack Care system mimics the sun to keep seniors feeling their best. Studies show that circadian lighting can even help the more than half of seniors who suffer from chronic sleep disturbances. 

With improved physical care, we are living longer, but managing mental and emotional health can be challenging due to increasing rates of dementia-related diseases.

Care facilities must manage the risks of residents with a range of health issues while helping them thrive and enabling a high quality of life. An influential variable in a resident’s environment is the intensity, color, and timing of light.

Adaptive circadian lighting can improve senior sleep quality, increase energy levels, alleviate depression, and reduce agitation.


Lighting Control

Combining Stack Care sensors with smart Circadian lighting means we can offer the added benefit of the latest lighting control features…

Automatically turning off lights when rooms are unoccupied helps to save power and reduce costs.

Adding dimming/brightening whenever needed and no rewiring required.

One single Sleep/Wake switch by the bed for turning off all lights at once, removing the need to go around turning off lights when going to bed.

Providing automatic night lighting at customizable low levels that come on when you’re headed to the bathroom, never blinding residents, and turning themselves off when you’re back in bed.