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Founded in 2014 as a lighting company with some unique ideas on light and spatial awareness, the team at Stack Labs realized that the greatest impact was going to be in the areas of human monitoring and senior care.  In 2017 Stack Labs divested the hardware business and set about focussing on software that would improve the lives of an aging population.

StackCare’s data science and motion algorithms elevate safety and security levels for seniors without the loss of privacy and dignity that normally comes with cameras and wearable tracking devices.




Our Mission

Stack Care is committed to enhancing seniors’ wellbeing and safety through IoT technologies.

Stack Care uses proprietary data science to notify caregivers about unusual behavior patterns that may be indicative of issues while supporting seniors’ healthy sleep-wake cycles, via circadian lighting plans, to encourage more activity throughout the day.



Our Team


Nigel Mould

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Brian Barbe
VP Product Management


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Jack McFarland

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Neil Joseph


Wesley Cheng


Pedraam Behroozi
Project Manager


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