Stack Named 2016 Global Startup Search Winner by Aging2.0

Stack’s Responsive Lighting Technology Improves Care for Aging Adults with New Bulbs Coming for the Holidays

Cupertino, CA – October 24, 2016 – Stack, the technology leader behind the world’s first responsive lighting solutions, has been recognized by Aging2.0 as the winner of the Global Startup Search for 2016 at the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE conference held earlier this month in San Francisco. Stack was awarded the top prize amongst a field of hundreds of competitor companies across the globe by offering the most promising and effective technology innovations aimed at improving the quality of life for aging individuals.

Aging2.0, a global innovation network focused on accelerating innovation to improve the lives of older adults, hosted over 35 events around the world as part of its annual search for the best aging-focused startups globally. Hundreds of startups applied and pitched at local events, and the winners of each local event moved on to the online voting round, where the general public and a panel of expert judges helped narrow the field to the finalists, and ultimately the winner.

“Stack is proud to be recognized as a leading innovator by one of the top global authorities focused on the aging experience,” said Neil Joseph, Founder & CEO of Stack. “Our bulbs are designed to operate and respond automatically to occupancy and natural light, which ensures lighting is optimized to help with conditions such as poor eyesight or circadian rhythm disorders. Combined with powerful patient activity monitoring and analytics that can help care providers and family members stay informed, Stack’s core lighting technology can improve the wellbeing and independence of older adults by doing something as easy as screwing in a light bulb.”

The Stack bulbs come in two different formats for your home: the Stack Downlight for recessed cans is available today, and the Stack Classic is available for pre-order in time for the holiday season.

Stack’s innovative light bulbs are each equipped with embedded sensors, which enable the lights to dynamically react to ambient light and occupancy. Both the Classic and Downlight run on open IoT standards and help expand the capabilities of other compatible smart home devices including Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices, the Nest learning thermostat and devices working with IFTTT.

For more information on how Stack’s technology solutions can benefit the aging community, please visit our blog here:

About Stack Stack Labs, the leading innovator in next generation connected home and building technologies, seamlessly integrates sensors and lighting controls for better living. Stack has created the world’s first responsive lighting platform that offers occupancy and ambient light sensing in addition to the comfort and safety of automated circadian lighting. For in-home care providers and facilities staff, Stack’s Care Platform provides high resolution patient activity monitoring and analytics. For more information, please visit or @stacklighting.