Stack Lights Have Begun Shipping to Pre-order Customers!

After a lot of focused research and development, the first Stack lights are en route to early adopting customers!

This is a major milestone, not only for Stack but also for home lighting as we know it. There are a lot of new tech products in the marketplace for people who care about the lighting in their home, but these are the first that offer such a rich set of features and are as effortless to install and enjoy.

Stack lights aren’t like any other light bulb on the market. They don’t just give light or turn on and off with an app - they automatically produce the perfect light throughout the day, ranging from a cool blue in the morning, to a soft yellow for relaxing evenings, and they save energy by taking advantage of sunlight. To produce this responsive, adaptive light, each Stack bulb contains sensors that monitor ambient light and motion.

Stack lights combine these embedded sensors with a sophisticated signal processing and machine learning backend to actually make the platform smarter over time. This is a product that will improve its performance over time as it adapts to your preferences and the patterns of occupancy in your home.

The lights will automatically adjust their color temperature throughout the day in line with your body’s natural circadian rhythm - this means that you will be woken up by a cool white light to ease you out of bed and energize you, and a warm yellow light in the evening will help you unwind before bed. Sleep soundly and wake alert, with help from your Stack lights.

I am pleased to say that we have done what we set out to do almost 2 years ago and we are now looking forward to feedback as Stack bulbs become available to the general public in the coming months. We can’t wait to see the Stack bulbs in the wild and we look forward to hearing how they change the way you think about lighting!