Our Newest Software Update

Today is a big day here at Stack. We are very excited to announce that we are currently rolling out our biggest software update since we launched and we want to highlight several of the improvements and features that you’ll experience. We appreciate all of the feedback that we have received, and we have been working tirelessly to bring the most-requested features to our users. Thank you for being one of our early customers and for helping us make always-perfect lighting a reality! We can’t wait for you to experience these updates, and we look forward to releasing future updates as we receive your continued input.

Light Response Times
We continue to improve the behind-the-scenes stability of the hub, bulbs, and app to have more reliable connectivity and responsiveness. You’ll notice in this release that the bulbs will respond quicker than when you initially received their Stack Downlights, and we will continue to improve this over the next several months. Additionally, you’ll also observe that lights in a group will come on and fade off in unison when they sense occupancy (or a lack thereof).

Learning Algorithms
We’ve been developing our learning algorithms as well, including the ability for each room to adjust occupancy timeouts according to your dwell patterns in order to ensure that your lights don’t turn off when you’re still in the room (and, likewise, that your lights don’t stay on for too long after you leave the room).

Mood Tweaks
We have received a lot of feedback regarding our moods, and we’re listening! As a result, we are shifting the settings of some moods - Focus and Neutral will both shift to be slightly warmer color temperatures, which we think will generally be more pleasant. 

Auto Mode/Settings
We have implemented a couple notable changes to the Room Screen. The Auto button triggers our Auto Circadian Lighting Plan that’s designed to augment the natural brightness and color temperature of the sun throughout a day, which affects our body’s circadian rhythm. Studies show that maintaining circadian health can help us wake feeling energized, focus throughout the day, and sleep soundly.

However, not everyone wants their color temperature or brightness to shift in auto mode. We have added controls that allow users to toggle Circadian Color and Circadian Brightness. Additionally, we have had mixed feedback whether users want their rooms to return to Auto mode after a different mood or setting is manually selected. Therefore, users now have the power to toggle Return to Auto, which will cause your lights to return to their Auto state after you leave the room for a set amount of time (the default is two hours). 

Sleep Settings
Sleep mode turns your lights off and allows them to act like a nightlight when they detect motion, as well as having a much shorter timeout. That way, the lights can light a path if you have to get up at night, but not wake other household members up. In bedrooms, your lights will default to have Nightlight turned off, so that you will not be woken up if you move in bed (or, even more importantly, so you don’t wake your partner up when you have to get up in the night).

To activate Sleep mode, tap the button in the upper right corner of each room screen. You’ll see a purple overlay like above with a default Wake time. Your Wake time indicates the time at which the lights will return to Auto mode, meaning they will respond to motion normally. Tapping the Edit button will allow you to edit the Wake time. If you’d like to set an Alarm (which will cause your lights to turn on at a certain time with or without motion), tap the Alarm button and add or edit alarms.

These adjustments will allow you greater flexibility to ensure that your lighting is perfect at all times. We’re so appreciative of your input. This is the first wave of responses to your feedback and we can’t wait to announce upcoming changes (site-wide controls, house sitting, and sub-groups are on their way!).

We thank you for your support and if you have anything you’d like to see improved, have any ideas or suggestions, please email us at support@stacklighting.com.