Innovation and Research at Core of Stack’s New Industry Group Alliance

What do Stack Lighting, Microsoft, Honda, Philips, Walmart and Pacific Gas and Electric have in common?

Well, they’re all big and we’re not—yet. However, we’re all affiliates of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at the University of California, Davis. As a result, we’re linked to an organization that’s researching and developing leading innovations in energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies.

Since Stack aims to revolutionize lighting with the world’s first responsive light bulb with embedded sensors to automatically adjust lighting based on need and time of day, we found CLTC a perfect fit.

In recent years, CTLC has been involved in many issues that are close to Stack’s core, including:

(1) Partnering with energy stakeholders to create a LED lamp-testing program and database for test results.

The technology-neutral academic facility is able to provide objective, independent assessments of such things as lamp life and dimming function. The research results will enable comparison with manufacturers’ product claims, which we see as beneficial for customers. The CTLC researchers are also developing new protocols and test methodologies to share at state and national levels.

(2) Collaborating with others to launch the California Lighting Retrofit Information, Training and Education program (Light-RITE California). Its goal is to provide public building facility managers with the know-how and tools to get the best possible results from lighting upgrades. That’s not a small deal. As California embarks on some of the boldest building retrofit programs in the country to achieve its aggressive climate change goals, Light-RITE will help maximize energy savings and facility improvements.

Educating lighting professionals, designers and builders on advanced lighting technologies and the latest code improvements.

Facilitating product demonstrations that show case and field-test emerging lighting technologies. CLTC demonstrations have been done at college campuses, big box retailers, and offices across the U.S.

We believe that better, more efficient lighting will benefit everyone, and we’re excited to be a part of the leading edge.