CES 2015: Stack Works with Nest

The CES show wrapped up last week and we’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest in Stack Lighting and Alba, the world’s first responsive light bulb.

We started out the show by announcing that we’ve joined the Works with Nest developer program to help drive the conscious home. Given the extraordinary number of companies and products touting “smart-home” devices at the show, we’re especially pleased to be partnering with Nest.

Stack and Nest both believe that products should just work — and not simply shift a user’s focus from a switch on the wall to a control on a remote or an app on a phone.

Instead, Stack and Nest will work together to learn your needs and react to them without you having to do a thing.

Our Alba bulbs automatically react to their environment and know what to do. Alba will dim when natural light floods the room, which reduces energy waste and lowers costs, warm its color in the evening to help you relax and turn off and on based on what room you are in.

Alba’s occupancy sensors also know when you are away, even when your schedule changes. This means that your heating and cooling will only be on when they need to be, saving you money.

And because Alba can track occupancy, the bulbs will inform Nest in real time about the temperature needs of every room. This is particularly important for those rooms in your home that run warmer or cooler than the rest of the house, such as a sun porch.

The Works with Nest program is the first integration for Stack, but stay tuned for more. We’re excited for a future in which more devices automatically respond to consumers’ needs and to be part of the ecosystem. The next CES is a year away and we can’t wait to see how much progress will occur before then.